Euripides, our Newest Contributor

As you know, this is supposed to be a group blog.  Christa and I are hardly a group by ourselves, so we are continuing to recruit other like-minded individuals to help us in our endeavor.  Our efforts have yielded us a veteran blogger who goes by the name of Euripides.

Euripides uses a pen name rather than his real name.  When he joined this blog, he asked if it would be OK to continue under his pen name in order to provide him with a measure of anonymity.  This was something that I had to consider for a bit.  I decided that using a pen name to provide anonymity was fine, as the identity of the person espousing ideas is less important than the ideas espoused.

Obviously complete anonymity can lead to people saying and doing things that they might not if their name was attached to their actions (to be absolutely clear, I’m talking in general terms, and not referring to Euripides in any way.)  I decided that anonymity would not be complete.  Those who end up contributing to this blog under assumed names will be known to me.  It will be my job to make sure contributors are vetted.

I realize that this means I am asking readers to put an increased measure of trust in me, which is why I am using my real name on the blog.  The hope is that my transparency will engender the trust needed.

Anyway, look for Euripides’ bio to appear shortly, and look forward, as I do, to his analysis and the thoughts he will be sharing with us.




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