Celebrating Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day, all!

Two-hundred and twenty-three years ago today, our Founding Fathers signed the Constitution, an amazing document establishing the framework of a government like no other on the planet. If you’ve never seen A More Perfect Union, watch it – it’s a great depiction of the debates, diligence and dedication that went into the Constitutional Convention, culminating in this document. It wasn’t by happenstance, nor is it something to be taken lightly.

The Constitution is based on timeless principles. I hope that people across our great country will awaken to its value and see what could be lost so easily if we continue to apathetically stand by and let people in Washington “deal” with running the government.

Life’s busy, and politics aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I get that.

But please, please, PLEASE, friends, make sure you’re registered to vote. Use the next six weeks to study up on the candidates and issues on the ballot in your area’s midterm elections, coming up Nov. 2. Who you vote for matters. Getting out and voting matters. Most people only turn out for the presidential elections, but it’s the people in Congress and in the state capitols who will more directly affect your lives – affect all of our lives. Get out there and take a stand. Let your voice be heard.


About ChristaJeanne

Writer (recovering journalist), singer, Latter-day Saint, California girl, political wonk, travel addict, Broadway aficionado, American culture analyst, social media maven, Facebook junkie & wannabe domestic goddess at heart.
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