Author Biographies

One of the aims of the Rational Conservatism blog is to showcase the writings of bright conservatives, most of whom are relatively young (no ageism involved, just so happens that I am friends with people who are in a certain age bracket). This is why I’ve been working to recruit people to write for the project. I, of course, welcome guest contributors, but for the sake of continuity of the Rational Conservatism brand (yeah, I’m a marketing guy), most content will come from the regulars.

While the best way to get to know someone is through his or her body of work — in this case, the posts we publish — it can be a lengthy undertaking. To expedite the process a little bit, we’re going to have Bio pages for each of the regular contributors. These Bios will introduce not only the author’s field of expertise but who the author is and why he or she is involved in this project.

If you have any questions for an individual author, please feel free to contact him or her either by leaving a comment or by using whatever means of contact they have placed on their bio page.


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