Jeff Bailey

I’ve been called a right-wing nut-job, a gun-nut, an Ultra-con, and one of my friends even called me a commodity. (I think he meant it as a compliment…) In some circles I’m known as “Jeff S” (a reference to my middle name) because I’m not the only Jeff Bailey, though this has been slowly changing to “the Mormon kid.” Most of those monikers fit, to one degree or another (best read my writings to understand which ones fit and to what degree).

Attending the Denver Leadership Summit in 2009I am an unaffiliated conservative. I believe strongly that the Constitution as written by the Founders and as ratified by the states was a divinely inspired document, setting up a divinely protected land. I’ve been conservative for the majority of my life, since I remember having any sort of ideological thoughts. I was even in attendance at Dan’s Bake Sale in my hometown of Fort Collins, CO (just ranked #6 on Money Magazine’s list of the best places to live in 2010, #1 in 2006).  I was 10 years old when the bake sale happened.

I attended Brigham Young University, and earned a B.A. in German Language and Literature.  (For those of you who don’t like words, fair warning, some of my posts are going to deal with definitions. My brother used to tell me that he who controls the definitions, controls the debate.)  Language is, of course, dynamic, but we have to have a commonly agreed upon set of terms, or we could be arguing the same point and not know it.

After my time at BYU, I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, Leeds School of Business.  They were kind enough to take large sums of money and a couple of years of my life in exchange for a piece of paper that says Master of Business Administration on it. (Okay, there was some knowledge that came with the piece of paper…)

My MBA was focused on Marketing.  The pragmatic combination of economics and psychology (behavioral and cognitive) appealed to me as a means of understanding not only why people do things but also the means by which we can influence others to choose what is in their best interest. (Insert debate about how we decide what is in someone’s best interest here.  We’ll get to that later.)

Some might say that I am opinionated.  I fear those who are not.  I would rather interact with those who had strong opinions forged through study and consideration than those who take no position on momentous issues.  My opinions have been formed through years of experience and reflection. (Yeah, I’m only 27 right now, but that’s still a number of years.)  My opinions have a fair amount of momentum behind them but are not set in stone.  If new information is made available that refutes the information upon which my opinions are based, I am willing to adjust my opinions in order to accommodate the newly discovered truth.

I hope you too, dear reader, are willing to accommodate the things that I write.  I don’t expect there to be agreement on everything, only consideration.  If my ideas are rejected, at least they were considered.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, I can be reached at this email address I can also be found on Twitter and on my personal blog.


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