Mark Packard

We’re obviously introducing ourselves, so here’s a quick introduction to myself and my personality.  I’m one of the types that has far too many interests.  I love to do everything.  In the world of sports, I play tennis, volleyball, softball, soccer, golf, hockey, and pretty much everything else.  If I don’t play it, I’d no doubt love to try.  I love the arts and music.  I’ve recently started a little band with a couple of friends.  I’ve been a computer engineer professionally for the past 5 years or so.  I love to read.  And I have an insatiable desire to understand how everything works.

Having grown up in southern CA, I grew up with a wide array of political influences in my life.  Both of my parents are politically conservative, and quite active.  My dad is a member of my home town’s City Council, and my mom contributes in whatever ways she can.  But I’ve had very close liberal friends throughout my life as well.  For most of my life, I held soft opinions with regard to philosophy and politics.  I saw both perspectives, and respected each argument.  I leaned conservative, but kept myself detached from any particular political ideology because I didn’t hold firm convictions on what I believed.

Three years ago, as I found myself being directly affected by the housing market issues, I realized that I knew and understood far too little about what was going on.  This, combined with the raucous debates of presidential election, pushed me to immerse myself in the study of politics and economics.  I decided I needed to know what I believed and why, so that I could choose more carefully my path forward and prepare myself mentally, financially, and spiritually for the future.

During this period of study, I began recording my thoughts, conclusions, and ideas in a personal blog (, and found that the more I learned, the more I needed to understand.  It has become a passion.  I know not all of my thoughts and ideas are entirely correct, and I am still molding them as I go, but I will continue to share them as they come.  Hopefully, through the sharing of ideas, we may together refine our knowledge and come to understand the world more completely and accurately.  Should be fun!


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