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Writer (recovering journalist), singer, Latter-day Saint, California girl, political wonk, travel addict, Broadway aficionado, American culture analyst, social media maven, Facebook junkie & wannabe domestic goddess at heart.

Celebrating Constitution Day

Happy Constitution Day, all! Two-hundred and twenty-three years ago today, our Founding Fathers signed the Constitution, an amazing document establishing the framework of a government like no other on the planet. If you’ve never seen A More Perfect Union, watch … Continue reading

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Religion in America: A History Lesson

The shrill cry “separation of church and state!” has become so common in the public forum wherever religious beliefs intersect with the ever-advancing progressive agenda, the phrase has become sacrosanct in contemporary American politics. And, almost without fail, religious rights … Continue reading

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The Inequitable Nature of Equality

… that all men are created equal. This seemingly simple phrase is arguably the best known in the American collective unconscious. To be American is to be equal – seems obvious enough, right? However, it all depends on how one … Continue reading

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A Curly-Haired Conservative

Thanks to these lovely things called genetics, I have curly hair. Really, really curly hair. While some people find this enchanting or enviable, I find it just plain annoying. I have fought my curls tooth and nail for the better … Continue reading

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