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Bigger Gov’t = Bigger Idiocy

Editors Note: As you read this article, please remember that Mark is talking about ideas, and not people.  His use of the term idiocy refers to the definition of utterly senseless or foolish behavior; a stupid or foolish act, statement, … Continue reading

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Hating our Heroes

The rich suck. They take their money from the poor and hoard it. They are greedy, selfish megalomaniacs who prey on the weak. How we’ve come to believe the above statements is a sad tale of ignorance combined with the … Continue reading

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Mark’s Bio

We’re obviously introducing ourselves, so here’s a quick introduction to myself and my personality.  I’m one of the types that has far too many interests.  I love to do everything.  In the world of sports, I play tennis, volleyball, softball, … Continue reading

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