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With a background in Linguistics and Literature, and an MBA in Marketing, I enjoy writing stories that make people buy things related to languages. wait...

With all due deference…

I like to be the type of person that forgives and forgets.  I find that doing so makes my life easier, as I don’t have to remember who I’m angry at, or why I’m angry.  Unfortunately, some people like to … Continue reading

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Lost and Found(ing)

There’s a Rodney Atkins song that makes me laugh every time I hear it.  It starts out “The Declaration of Independence.  ‘Think I could tell you that first sentence, an’ then I’m lost.”  Now, if I had to guess, I’d … Continue reading

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Hazardous Morality

Conservatives are often accused of pushing their personal morality on others.  Those on the left, particularly those who do not share the same moral values with social conservatives, claim that the “radical right” is attempting to use the force of … Continue reading

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Introducing Mark Packard

When I started this project, I had a few people in mind that I wanted to help.  As is so often the case, one of the bright people I knew, knew other bright people.  Christa introduced me to Mark, and … Continue reading

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Euripides, our Newest Contributor

As you know, this is supposed to be a group blog.  Christa and I are hardly a group by ourselves, so we are continuing to recruit other like-minded individuals to help us in our endeavor.  Our efforts have yielded us … Continue reading

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The Problem with Conservatives

Okay, so before everyone jumps up and asks why I would have this be my first post, let me just say that being able to examine one’s self for weaknesses is an essential trait if one wishes to improve.  I … Continue reading

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Jeff’s Bio

Hi Everyone, Since I’ve asked the other authors to write a short bio about themselves, I figured I should do so as well.  Mine can be found here. Keep checking back, as there will be actual content on the site … Continue reading

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