Hating our Heroes

The rich suck. They take their money from the poor and hoard it. They are greedy, selfish megalomaniacs who prey on the weak.

How we’ve come to believe the above statements is a sad tale of ignorance combined with the ill-conceived efforts of those who amass power to themselves as they feel they are better arbiters of equity than the market system. It’s natural to hate the rich, just as it’s natural to hate the smart kid in class, or the pretty girl in school. Continue reading

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The Inequitable Nature of Equality

… that all men are created equal.

This seemingly simple phrase is arguably the best known in the American collective unconscious. To be American is to be equal – seems obvious enough, right?

However, it all depends on how one defines “equal.”

In a country divided by warring opinions regarding just about everything these days, it may seem simplistic to attempt to hang all her problems on one concept, but let me try. Continue reading

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Mark’s Bio

We’re obviously introducing ourselves, so here’s a quick introduction to myself and my personality.  I’m one of the types that has far too many interests.  I love to do everything.  In the world of sports, I play tennis, volleyball, softball, soccer, golf, hockey, and pretty much everything else.  If I don’t play it, I’d no doubt love to try.  I love the arts and music.  I’ve recently started a little band with a couple of friends.  I’ve been a computer engineer professionally for the past 5 years or so.  I love to read.  And I have an insatiable desire to understand how everything works.

Having grown up in southern CA, I grew up with a wide array of political influences in my life.  Continue reading

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Introducing Mark Packard

When I started this project, I had a few people in mind that I wanted to help.  As is so often the case, one of the bright people I knew, knew other bright people.  Christa introduced me to Mark, and I’m happy to introduce him to you.  Please look for his Bio in his own words shortly.

Thanks for reading,


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The Welfare State Versus Free Will

Those of us who have lived long enough to see the changes in society over the course of time have a unique perspective of comparison from decade to decade. Having grown up during a time when most people took responsibility for their own actions and where the concept of equal opportunity did not mean equal outcomes, I’ve come to appreciate the liberty of thought and action we used to enjoy. Such liberty has been chipped away, restrained, by the enlarged and ever-growing welfare state we’ve allowed our government to assume. Continue reading

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Euripides’ Biography

Many people have asked me about my chosen pen name, Euripides. Of course, the name comes from the famous Greek tragedian who wrote some of the best classic works, including Trojan Women, The Bacchae, and Medea. The Greek Euripides’ works contain several early references to Greek democracy and are known for their realism and biting satire.

But that isn’t why I chose Euripides as a pen name for my political writing. Continue reading

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Euripides, our Newest Contributor

As you know, this is supposed to be a group blog.  Christa and I are hardly a group by ourselves, so we are continuing to recruit other like-minded individuals to help us in our endeavor.  Our efforts have yielded us a veteran blogger who goes by the name of Euripides. Continue reading

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